We are a member of Bitkom.

Neovendi GmbH has been a member of Bitkom for several months. Bitkom represents more than 2,000 member companies from the fields of software and IT services, telecommunications or Internet services, companies that manufacture devices and components, are active in the field of digital media or the network economy, or are part of the digital economy […]

We have won!

We won the 4th BMDV Startup Pitch of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport with our project “MINOS”, developed in cooperation with DB Netz AG and DB Systel GmbH.

EULYNX Trainings in India

We are shaping international rail connectivity by developing EULYNX technology in Europe and around the world.

MBSE-Trainings in Stockholm

It is a great pleasure for us to accompany also our colleagues in Sweden on their way to a digital rail network.

Neovendi on campus

Karriere – aktiv werden und mitwirken

We are enthusiastic about the feedback and will continue to use such events for our communication in the future with great commitment.

Technical paper ETR

With its “Digital Rail Germany” strategy, Deutsche Bahn is pursuing the goal of becoming more powerful, robust and efficient through the use of modern technology in order to shift more traffic to climate-friendly rail, and to do so on the infrastructure that is already largely in place.

MBSE-Trainings in Italy

It is a great pleasure and honor for us to now conduct the second MBSE training for our colleagues from Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI).