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Karriere – aktiv werden und mitwirken

Wir sind vom Feedback begeistert und werden auch in Zukunft mit viel Engagement derartige Veranstaltungen für unsere Kommunikation nutzen.

We can look back on a very high level of interest with many interesting conversations at our appearance yesterday at the campus of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Kleve. The aim was to get in touch with young students, on the one hand to arouse interest in working for our company, and on the other to find out what young people want and need from an attractive job outlook. This event, which was very successful for us, was organized by the support association of the university ‘Rhein-Waal - Campus Cleve e.V.’ and was surprisingly well attended. The great interest of the students was then also reflected in the high frequency at our information stand. At times, a long queue formed and the demand, especially about our engineering projects, was answered by our young team very sympathetically and just as professionally. During the event, an interview was conducted by the regional radio station ‘Antenne Niederrhein’, in which we were able to express our positive impression once again.

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