EULYNX deployment cluster face to face workshop in Stockholm

Neovendi's team of experts provides crucial support to Swedish Railways (TRV).

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At the last face to face meeting in Stockholm, the Neovendi team was able to realize and demonstrate further successes in the implementation of EULYNX with colleagues from Trafikverket, Alstom and the EULYNX Deployment Cluster. 

On 13th and 14th February 2024 EULYNX Deployment Cluster conducted a face to face workshop with Swedish Railways-Trafikverket (TRV) and Alstom in Stockholm. As a part of the EULYNX expert team, Neovendi GmbH played a crucial role in the success of the workshop. The workshop focussed on GAP analyses between EULYNX command control and signalling subsystem Light Signal and TRV implementation of the same. During the workshop, Experts from TRV and Alstom were also introduced to the safety protocol- RaSTA and security specifications of EULYNX. In the next steps, the EULYNX deployment cluster will focus on the GAP analysis of subsystems such Level Crossing and Generic IO.

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