flexible. open. communicative.

Good ideas
are born in dialog.

Today, a cooperative network with creative conversations is one of the foundations for the development and promotion of new and existing technologies.

Especially in the design of modern mobility concepts, interoperability is of crucial importance.

The dialog and intensive exchange between rail infrastructure companies, manufacturers and operators, but also universities, research institutes and, last but not least, politics must be constantly expanded and stimulated with new approaches.

Neovendi forms an important interface here and thus ensures connections that promote modern, sustainable and intelligent mobility.

As soon as a company begins to tread the digitalization path, two corporate divisions have a special responsibility: technology management and human resources management. Technology management targets the new technologies. In this context, it is also important to recruit new experts with previously non-existent qualification profiles for the company.

For this reason, HR management must be involved at an early stage – not only with the aim of finding these new employees on the labor market in good time, but also in order to actively counteract the threat of a “two-class workforce” in the company!

This can threaten if the existing workforce feels threatened by digitization and its representatives. Our experience shows that this concern is unfounded in every respect! Rather the opposite is the case, because the existing know-how gains in importance: Digitalization should not and cannot replace the existing wealth of experience, it should spread it through new tools!

Neovendi supports its customers in recognizing these interrelationships in good time and implementing them in successful digitalization management – that’s what we call “Digital Transformation!”