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The definition and standardization of an EULYNX MBSE methodology for railroad systems specifications

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As part of the DIN Connect program, we are developing a new standard for the EULYNX MBSE methodology for railroad systems specifications.

Through our definition and work on the standardization of the norm, we, Neovendi GmbH actively contribute to ensuring the safety of electrotechnical products and systems. Thus, as expert authors for a future German Industrial Standard DIN, we lay the foundation for harmonization of the German railroad infrastructure by applying the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach to subsystems of digital railway command, control & signalling (CCS). In this way, we improve safety requirements, enable manufacturers to further process components, promote market opening for fair competition, and accelerate product developments in the railway sector. The following link opens the DKE website with the contribution to this funding program (DIN-Connect).

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