Review: Smart Rail Enquete meets Austria ’23 – Vienna

Workshops and presentations for more railway technology innovations

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At the end of March, Neovendi GmbH participated in the “Smart Rail Enquete – SRCC meets Austria” organised by SRCC and The event took place from 29/03/2023 to 31/03/2023 in Vienna.

Interesting presentations on the topics of control and safety technology, information and communication technology, rail operational applications, technical operations management, security & safety as well as organisation and processes were held during all three days. Additional workshops were also provided on the first and last day of the event. During the first workshop, the participants dealt with technologies for efficient, safe and customer-oriented railway operations and in the second workshop with railway voice communication in digital railway operations. As part of this event, the participants from Neovendi GmbH were able to present our status quo of technology and developments.

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