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Neovendi GmbH has been a member of Bitkom for several months. Bitkom represents more than 2,000 member companies from the fields of software and IT services, telecommunications or Internet services, companies that manufacture devices and components, are active in the field of digital media or the network economy, or are part of the digital economy in other ways. In addition, Bitkom is being joined by an increasing number of companies across industries that want to digitally develop their established business models.

Bitkom's primary goal is to make Germany a leading digital location, to drive forward the digital transformation of the German economy and administration, to strengthen digital sovereignty and to achieve broad social participation in digital developments. In this context, Bitkom is concerned with accelerating the expansion of gigabit networks and digital infrastructures for energy and transport, for commerce and smart homes, for cities and regions. It is about political support for data-driven business models, protection and security, platform models, disruptive technologies and Work 4.0. And it is about education for the digital world: in schools, universities and - increasingly important - new forms of lifelong learning.

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